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"Who Are You? - Your Personal Success Goal Book" by Jerald Simon is one of the books used in Jerald's life skills mentorship course for older teens and adults to help them discover who they are and who they can become.

Learn about the book "Who Are You?"

This video also introduces Jerald's "Empowered by Positivity - Knowing Who You Are 
and Who You Can Become" Life Skills Course.

Jerald Simon, is the founder of Music Motivation® ( and the creator of the BEST SELLING COOL SONGS Series ( He is also the creator of one of Amazon's best-selling music theory series: Essential Piano Exercises ( and the Essential Piano Lessons online weekly group piano lessons created for teens and young adults ( He recently became the course creator of the "Empowered by Positivity - Knowing Who You Are and Who You Can Become" Life Skills Course. ( and the upcoming "How to Write and Publish Poetry of Your Own" course (

Jerald is a composer, author, and poet who composes motivational music and writes motivational and inspirational books and poetry to help others do their best and be their best! He is also the host of Music, Motivation, and More - the Positivity Podcast with Jerald Simon - a weekly podcast that inspires and motivates individuals worldwide who want to strive to do their best and continually become better. You can watch some of Jerald's YouTube videos on his YouTube channel:
Jerald created "Who Are You?" - Your Personal Success Goal Book, designed for older teens and adults, as a daily personal success journal to help everyone dream, plan, prepare, and create a personal road map for life by setting and achieving goals, learning new skills, and continually improving day by day. This is one of the books used in Jerald's "Empowered by Positivity - Knowing Who You Are and Who You Can Become" Life Skills Course. After you download this FREE PDF book, you will be able to learn more about this new life skills course created specifically with you in mind.

This personal success goal book teaches you about goal setting, the power of believing in yourself, and helps you learn more about who you are and who you can become.
You can purchase a paperback copy of this book from Amazon at this link as well (if you'd prefer a paperback copy):

WHO ARE YOU? (Your Personal Success Goal Book) is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, and many other stores.
On the next page you will have the option of purchasing this book as a bundle series with some of Jerald's other motivational/inspirational books.

It's wonderful to have a physical copy so you can write your goals in your goal book. It's like a daily goal book with a daily focus (main goal), daily virtue, and an outline of their individual goals. You can even have one for every year (since there are 365 pages focusing on goals for each day).
Jerald's personal mission:
My purpose and mission in life is to motivate myself and others through my music and writing, to help others find their purpose and mission in life, and to teach values that encourage everyone everywhere to do and be their best. "
-Jerald Simon

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