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Empowered by Positivity

Knowing Who You Are and
Who You Can Become

A Life Skills Course
(by Jerald Simon)

An 8 Week "Life Skills" Course for Adults

Watch the introductory video above.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to join the "Empowered by Positivity" 8-week course for only $49.95! Secure your spot now and unlock a world of motivation, inspiration, and personal growth. Go beyond your limits and become the best version of yourself TODAY!

ACT NOW to unlock your potential and transform your life with Empowered by Positivity, the 8-week "Knowing Who You Are and Who You Can Become" life skills course, taught by Jerald Simon. Discover your true greatness and become the person you were born to be. Join now for just a one-time payment of $49.95, which includes all PDF books and the pre-recorded session instruction taught by Jerald. Don't miss out on this opportunity - enroll today!


You were born for greatness!


In this 8 Week Course for adults, I (Jerald Simon) share previously filmed coaching sessions I have done with teen groups.

There is also a teen group. If you have a teenager between the age of 12 and 18, please have them sign up for the
Teen Life Skills Course HERE. You only need to pay for one teenager enrollment if you have multiple teens at home who would like to participate in the teen course.

The adult and teen courses are taught on Mondays to help mentees start their week off on the right foot and follow a carefully created road map that allows students to schedule the steps they need to take to help them on their road to success.

Each live training session is recorded so attendees can watch or re-watch the videos within the course portal at a later time, if they are unable to attend the live session.


Who Do You Want to Become?

Before you set goals...learn how to schedule success. This means carefully choosing from your Calendar of Choices what you will and will not do. Often our choices go beyond good and bad choices. They are more commonly made between good, better, and best. Before you change jobs, careers, or make any life changing must first learn the "Formula for Success."

There are five simple stepping stones for success we will discuss and go over in greater detail during this 8 week long live course:

  • Step 1: Believe in Yourself
  • Step 2: Create a Game Plan for Yourself! This is your roadmap.
  • Step 3: Invest in Yourself!
  • Step 4: Dedicate Yourself! (Dedication) - Pay the Price!
  • Step 5: Never Give Up on Yourself! - Perseverance (Reassess, Reevaluate, Reexamine, Repair, and Restore)


Success is different for everyone! True success, whether it be spiritual, intellectual, social or physical, means something entirely personal to everyone. Someone, let's say, who may be financially successful, but has been divorced multiple times and has a broken family, may feel extremely unsuccessful even though they have amassed a large financial fortune. They may view someone else who is happily married, but may be struggling financially, as a very successful individual and would even be willing to trade much, if not all of their financial success, to be successful in relationships as well. Many would give anything to have a good relationship with their spouse and children. The same can be said of someone who is trying to be healthy, lose weight, get an education, choose a major, get a job, or a career, of a lifestyle. These same stepping stones for success apply to any situation in life.

True success is striving to be the best version of ourselves and intentionally living the life we were born to live. It is doing what we say we will do and following our dreams, believing in ourselves and working on being better today than we were yesterday.  

In this course, you will learn the three simple steps of 1. Dreaming, 2. Planning and Preparing, and 3. GOING to WORK! This will help you get the results you hope for, and continually exceed even your own pre-conceived expectations. It's wonderful to continually outdo yourself and challenge yourself to progress, improve, and live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of living.

This is more than setting and achieving goals, which are great in the beginning, but often create more problems instead of allowing for real growth and change.

DREAM, PLAN, WORK, SUCCEED! (Repeat - it's that easy!)

This course focuses on starting the journey of transforming your life and helping you become who you were born to be. This means we must focus on a complete lifestyle change. It is the process of transforming your thoughts, words, and actions from those of enslavement to empowerment, from negativity and darkness, to positivity and light. It is the transition from, what I refer to as, "leaving behind the Apathetic Axiom, and ascending to the Motivation Matrix." It is the process of admitting and acknowledging who you have been, assessing who you currently are, and aspiring to become your personal best. This is the accomplished YOU that you know you can become. This lifestyle transformation is the process of Becoming Who You Were Born to Be. 

Course members learn about Success Stacking (doing multiple success steps simultaneously). For example, exercising (lifting  weights, running, working out, etc.,) while listening to a motivational podcast or a non-fiction audio book, or driving while listening to a motivational podcast or a non-fiction audio book and squeezing a weighted hand/fore arm grip strength trainer {exercise equipment} at the same time. There are many ways to implement Success Stacking.

I provide daily and weekly motivational messages, poetry, videos, and encouragement with practical steps to apply everything being taught. Course attendees learn how to create their own "Personal Dream Map," and how to implement "Macro and Micro Goals" as simple "Stepping Stones for Success." Everyone in the course will also be able to create their own "Personal Mission in Life Mission Statement," and will understand what it means to be "In the Habit of Forming Habits."

I include the following in the course (from my new book, "BEING AND BECOMING WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE" - which everyone who joins the course will receive as a PDF book in May, 2024 when it is released. You will also be able to pre-order the book and will receive an autographed copy of the book if you pre-order it).


  • Who Are You? (And WHO do you want to be and become?)
  • YOU Are Uniquely Original
  • BORN for GREATNESS (starting with the first steps toward success) - If Only You Believe
  • In Search of Happiness and a Sense of Purpose (What is Your Life's Mission)
  • What Does Success Look Like for You? - Be Your Own Success Story (What are Your Aspirations?)
  • ​Stepping Stones for Success - Discovering Where You Are and Where You Ultimately Want to Be
  • ​The Apathetic Axiom and The MOTIVATION MATRIX - The 5 Areas of Motivation
  • Success Habits for a Richer Life - How to Schedule SUCCESS! - Life Changing Habits Everyone Should Learn - Creating Your Own Personal Progress Plan
  • Work is WONDERFUL! (Learning to appreciate the gift of hard work, sacrifice, and commitment)
  • You Can Do Difficult Things!
  • Befriending Failure (Failure is Your Friend) - Do Not Dwell on Defeat
  • When We Fall Down...We Get Back Up
  • Planning and Preparing for Whatever Life Brings Your Way (Preparation Paves the Way for Success)
  • Put in the Time (Dedication and Discipline) Time is a Rare Commodity
  • Get Going on Your Goals - Goals, Guts, and Greatness (Going for the GOLD)
  • The World at Your Fingertips...
  • SELF DISCIPLINE - How to Understand and Follow Principles - Learning Principles
  • GOOD HABITS - How to Learn and Develop Skills - Learning Skills
  • A MORAL COMPASS - How to Define and Live by Our Values - Learning Values
  • We Need More Peace and Positivity
  • Being Better Today Than We Were Yesterday (and Being a little Better Tomorrow than We are Today) - People Are Doing the Best They Can
  • The Art of Listening
  • Obstacles are Opportunities
  • You Are What You Read

I can't wait to have you join my "Empowered by Positivity - Knowing Who You Are and Who You Can Become" Life Skills Course with me (Jerald Simon)!

​I am so happy to have you be a part of this eight week live coaching program and can't wait to see your personal progress as you become who you were born to be.

After you purchase this course, the first thing you will need to do is download the PDF books included within this course. There are five PDF books included within this course, and a sixth one on the way (you will automatically have access to all of the PDF books when you sign up for this course and will have access to the PDF copy of my new book, Being and Becoming Who You Were Born to Be - which will be released in May).

You will have instant access to each of the following books in PDF format (you can also upgrade your order to purchase the paperback versions of these books for your own collection and will ship them out to you - FREE shipping if purchased in the USA). If you live outside of the USA, there is a shipping fee that varies depending on location. Please email us if you live outside of the USA and would like the physical books shipped to you.


440 pages
​(A Daily Personal Success Goal Book)

216 pages
​(Motivational perceptions and stories)


154 pages
(222 motivational poems)

160 pages
(153 motivational poems)

There are 8 Weeks of Live Training with Jerald Simon

Join our Virtual ZOOM meeting once a week for one hour every Monday evening from 6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. for two months. There is also a teen group that is taught on Mondays during the day from 1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.
​Daily emails are sent out during the 8 weeks with challenges, ideas, encouragement, and Habit Hints.

Week 1 - Self Discovery
Week 2 - Personal Mission
Week 3 - Formula for Success
Week 4 - Positive Thinking
Week 5 - Skills, Principles and Values
Week 6 - The Power of Knowledge
Week 7 - Strengths and Weaknesses
Week 8 - Learning and Living by Virtues


Here is the outline for this 8 week life skills coaching program:

Week 1: DISCOVER WHO YOU ARE (GETTING TO KNOW YOURSELF) and learning who you can and will become. – Students write out an entire page describing who they are, including their beliefs, talents, interests, and who they would like to be. This is the discovery process where we have an honest conversation with ourselves about who have been, who we are, and who we would like to be and become. 

Week 2: WHAT IS MY PERSONAL MISSION IN LIFE? WHAT IS MY LIFE PLAN? Describe the “You” you want to Be! – Students discuss and find out what their own personal mission in life is and what they feel, at this moment, they would like to do to make a difference in their home, their community, and their life. Discovering or realizing what their personal mission in life is, helps them to have a better understanding of what they would like to do for a career, what lifestyle they would like to have, and what their purpose in life is and will be. It gives them a sense of direction, and an outline of what they personally feel they can do to contribute to life.

Week 3: Formula for success (1. Dream, 2. Plan and Prepare, 3. Go to work) – You learn about GOING FOR YOUR GOALS (students are taught what goals are, how to create their own Dream Map, and create Macro and Micro goals they will accomplish TODAY, this week, month, and year). The daily and weekly timelines (scheduling success) help you prioritize and place importance on which aspirations and goals you will focus on FIRST.  

Week 4: Positively Positive Thinking Power (why thinking positively is so powerful!) – Students learn about how their thoughts and words affect them and those around them. Students create a “SELF TALK” Statement of Positivity for themselves that they can read each day for one month to remind them how wonderful they are.

Week 5: Learning: 1. Skills, 2. Principles, and 3. Values by developing: 1. Good Habits, 2. Self Discipline, 3. A Moral Compass. After accomplishing our Formula for Success (1. Dream, 2 Plan and Prepare, and 3 Go to Work!), we must then increase our ability by developing skills, following correct principles, and determining which values we will implement into our lives on a daily basis. By developing skills, following correct principles, and deciding which values we will live by each day, we must learn good habits, self discipline, and maintain our own guiding moral compass. This will not only give us direction, focus, and clarity, it will help us envision who we were born to be. We will become that individual because we already are successful, we just need to give ourselves permission to see ourselves in a brighter light of hope, peace, and positivity.

Week 6: The Power of Knowledge - Reading for life! Students receive a list of 100 books I believe everyone should read. Students also receive an additional list of 100+ books to read that have been compiled by others. The students are encouraged to create their own list as well and set their own reading goals. One goal we establish is that they will read at least one book per week for the rest of their lives. If they can read more than one book, all the better, but we emphasize reading at least one book per week - every week. We talk about the importance of scheduling reading time and how to make time for our own personal development, improvement, and overall success in life.

Week 7: Identifying Personal Strengths and Weaknesses (how to make your strengths stronger and turn your weaknesses into strengths). This is the time to break free from your weaknesses. Our weaknesses are essentially gifts and opportunities for growth and change. Our failures are some of the greatest stepping stones toward success we could ever be given in life. We must learn how to befriend failure and see our missteps, mistakes, and misguided mayhem in life as a personal asset and strength. Our weakness becomes our strength and we continually become stronger (spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially). We can learn to assess and re-assess what is and is not working in our lives. We all fall short of the person we want to be. We always will. We all feel, at times, as if we don’t measure up — and we all have moments where we honestly don’t. We are better than that, and can turn our weaknesses into great strengths!

Week 8: Learning and Living by VIRTUES (students discuss which virtues they personally would like to live by and set goals about focusing on daily virtues throughout the year). A list of virtues is provided and students can select which virtues they would like to work on each day, during the week, each month, and throughout the year. This focus on “Living by Virtues” will change the way we see the world and how we act, what we think, how we speak, and what we choose to do each day. As we continue to focus on virtues day by day, we will see our lives changing because we are changing. This will empower us to be the best version of ourselves, and as we are empowered, we will be able to empower others with peace and positivity.

In the next 8 weeks, we will go over lessons to learn, how to begin dream mapping your way toward accomplishing your goals, discovering who you are and who you can become, and much more. I'm excited for everyone to start their steps toward success!


Here are some motivational videos I have created to inspire and motivate you!
​These feature motivational messages I have created and original music I have composed.

Today is YOUR day!

Be Good. Be Great. Be Gorious!


Get Back in the Game of Life!

Be Good. Be Great. Be Gorious!


Empowered by Positivity

Introductory Price: $49.95 - This is an 8 week live course taught through ZOOM. With your purchase, you will be able to attend the 8 week live course. The weekly sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend for any reason. In addition to the weekly live motivational/inspirational sessions, you will also receive the PDF downloads of the five motivational/inspirational books listed above: 1. Who Are You? Your Personal Success Goal book (Discover who you really are and who you can become!), 2. Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers, 3. The 'As If' Principle (motivational poetry), 4. Poetry that Motivates, and 5. Motivation in a Minute (book 1).

If you would like to upgrade your order, you can add on the paperback versions of the books for an optional one time additional payment of $49.95 (includes FREE shipping if you live in the USA) and we will ship them out to you. Please contact us if you live outside of the USA for shipping rates. You can also buy the paperback books on Amazon. You can then upgrade your order to become one of Jerald's Customers for Life to have access to every PDF book and course Jerald has created past, present, and future - including all music books and courses for learning to play piano). This is an optional one time upgrade of $319.95. You will also receive the PDF book of Jerald's new book, "Being and Becoming Who You Were Born to Be."  You will also be able to pre-order an autographed paperback book which will be sent to you at the end of the 8 week course.

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Empowered by Positivity (Who Are You? Course) by Jerald Simon (for Adults)
Empowered by Positivity - Who Are You? Course with Jerald Simon
Empowered by Positivity Life Skills Course by Jerald Simon is an 8 week course where Jerald helps individuals "Become who they were born to BE!" It is about being better today than we were yesterday and continually striving to be our best in everything we do.

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